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Aroma Cafe Cuban Food

& Sandwiches

Mi Guajira - Cuba 101% (Noro Morales)
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We've been in Maryville for almost 20 years now.
We Moved here from Miami after vacationing here.



Our food vs Mcdonalds? Although I myself love McDonalds, who doesn't?....
We do cook everything fresh every morning...
our beans are cooked in pressure cookers the way my grandmother and aunts always did....
We use nothing from cans

No preservatives No MSG the only oils we buy is extra virgin olive oil and clear frying oil.

Also we only use good quality meats like pork loin,

fresh chicken breast not frozen, 90/10 lower in fat ground beef

We cook real steak no processed meats delivered fresh every week

We cut our chicken breast and steaks by hand,
our flan is also homemade

We have 24 flavors of ice cream
We're just a very casual place, nothing fancy or expensive

Just good fresh food with some TVs to watch

very laid back

An Event Planner Dream

Cuban Food Sandwiches Rice & Beans Desserts Empanadas Papa Rellenas & More

HOMEMADE and Fresh

Monday - Saturday

 11am to 8:30pm



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