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Morris Baxter

is the author of the book: The Morris Code21 Ways

Something Good Is Going To HappenTo You Today.

 The Morris Code is a collection of 21 stories, quotes,

and affirmations that are centered around

'Morris Motivations' which can be heard weekdays

on Atlanta’s Jazz Station, Jazz 91.9 WCLK

during Morning Jazz. Thousands of listeners tune in

daily to hear Morris’s radio program Morning Jazz,

not only for the very best music also to get

encouragement to jump start the day. In addition to his extensive experience in broadcasting, Morris possesses the unique skillfulness to move audiences past the novel idea of mediocrity to the next level of understanding with his ability to bring stories to life. Morris is in demand as a host, speaker, voice over talent, and seminar leader all across America. Averaging more than 100 presentations and appearances annually, 'Morris Motivations' have reached millions of people both domestically and internationally. Baxter serves on numerous boards and has held many leadership positions, including: member, National Speakers Association and Community Advisory Board for Prostate Cancer(Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development); Program Director for WMYK; Senior Director of National Promotion and Regional Manager for Loud Records/Sony Music; Artist Representative for GRAMMY Award winning musicians; radio personality at WOWI and WSVY(now WNOH) in Virginia; radio personality at WNBZ and WKYS; and voice over talent for six time platinum selling album, Another Level by Blackstreet. Through his broadcasting career, Morris produces in video, audio and digital format – Morris Motivations – for educators, theologians, business professionals and community leaders. He has narrated the creative stories and marketing campaigns for a number of Fortune 500 companies like Publix and Kia Automotive. Morris has received numerous accolades and awards throughout the course of his career, most notably, winner of a Toastmasters International Speech Competition. Originally from Detroit, MI, Baxter attended Norfolk State University and has lived and trained a professional basketball player in Paris, France. He is an avid golfer and enjoys martial arts, mediation and travelling with his family. Morris lives inAtlanta,GA with his wife and daughter.

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The Morris Code

This book invites the reader to see the transformational power of self belief and positive thoughts and how they can create a more beneficial life on this earth. Baxter offers 21 powerful and inspirational stories, quotes, and affirmations to help people overcome any obstacle in their lives and to attain whatever they want. Illustrated with thought-provoking examples and exercises, this book enables readers to determine and live by a set of values, experiment with failure as a formula for success, take life beyond set limits, and more.

What makes some people rise above life's ups and downs, and yet others seem to wallow in self-pity and helplessness? How do some of us achieve our dreams and become successful, while others never seem to get their ideas off the ground?What's your excuse for not being the best, most successful person you can be? Author Morris Baxter addresses each of these questions in his recent publication of 'The Morris code' - 21 ways something good is going to happen to you today.



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