Beginner Online Marketing Mistakes

When I first started out in network marketing I made just about every critical beginner mistake in the book. I had absolutely no concept of what a marketing budget was, how to manage my time, how to market on social media, blogs, how to sell on the phone and was totally hard-headed when it came to listening to mentors.

I paid dearly for those beginner mistakes, so much to the point of having to go to my bank and having to change my account number because I was so all over the place I didn’t know who was taking what or why they were taking it. I had overwhelmed myself in short order and paid a high price for it.

At some point, I was forced to finally listen to someone and find a mentor but first I had to learn what a mentor really was and was not. A mentor is there to assist you in your marketing and to assist you with the benefit of their experiences, good and bad.

I finally settled down and learned how to manage my time, how to create a manageable marketing budget, how NOT to jump on the first shiny object I saw and liked, how not to be taken in by slick talk and a pretty website, how to find out if a company I’m interested in had an affiliate program in place in order to make all my mistakes in someone else’s company.

In closing, this post is for the total beginner who knows that people are making money online and want to find out how the game works, you need every piece of the puzzle in order to make a living online and even have all the pieces doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get scammed either because even online Vets get caught up in scams.

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