Consistency Marketing Tips And Tricks

Not enough can be said about being consistent with your marketing, being consistent has to become a part of you, being consistent has to be as natural as going to the bathroom. Slacking off and being lazy is not in the cards for successful marketers. Below are a few tips and tricks I use to remain consistent on a daily basis:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is my go-to source of information and learning, I’ve made going there a daily morning ritual. Whereas I used to spend most of my time on Facebook now I spend most of my quality time on LinkedIn.

Twitter: Twitter is another powerhouse social media site I remain consistent on, Twitter is extremely responsive and you can get responses from people in seconds, Twitter is too big and powerful to be ignored in your consistency arsenal.

Facebook: Just because Facebook is no longer my main source of spending my time it's still to big to ignore, Facebook is bigger than most countries and if used correctly it can still be a source of power for you. Don’t try to count Facebook out.

Instagram: Another powerhouse owned by Facebook, if you’re being fully committed to being consistent you’ll have to spend some quality time on Instagram tweaking your profile and posting quality pics.

WordPress Blogs: I can’t say enough about WordPress blogs, you’ll have to be totally consistent with blogging if you want to get indexed by the Google Spiders, Google will bump an old blog in favor of your minty fresh work and reward you with some decent backlinks and SEO.

Remember, if you’re a beginner blogger you don’t have to kill yourself blogging on a daily basis, start out by blogging once a week and gradually step up the pace as you get comfortable writing.

Consistency is key, even when you don’t want to you’ll have to fight through your doubt and touch on all these points daily like clockwork, use your keywords and hashtags and don’t forget that people find your work by typing in keywords.

If you intend for people to spend their hard-earned money with you, you’ll have to show them that you’re consistent with your message and that you’re willing to hang out where they do.

As usual, if you’re interested in the marketing software and marketing platform I use on a daily basis you can always click on my short video and stop by my landing/capture page.

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