Don't Confuse LinkedIn With Facebook

There seems to be great confusion about the LinkedIn platform that many people are confusing, first allow me to say that this is a common misconception of the different social media sites and their functions, I’m not judgin, I’m just sayin. Maybe I can clear up some of the misconceptions going on in this area.

Those of you just discovering LinkedIn after being well versed in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are in for an Earth-shattering difference when you bring the other social media sites over to LinkedIn and begin posting the foolishness here in LinkedIn that is par for the course in Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn is the place where professionals go to register their professional business information, let’s talk about what LinkedIn IS NOT, LinkedIn is not the place for recipes, baby pics, trolls, games, arguments about race, religion, gender or anything of that nature PERIOD.

The members of LinkedIn won’t attack you for posting those things and may just nudge you gently in the right direction, while the majority will just tune you out completely until you finally figure out that you’re not getting any responses to that nonsense you get away with on the other social media sites.

I didn’t make the rules however the rules are pretty stringent as I found out on my own, LinkedIn also isn’t the place where spam has a home, as soon as you begin to spam the living daylights out of LinkedIn members you can expect to get blocked immediately.

At some point, we all have to learn that just because someone says hello to you, that it’s not the green light to light them up with spam. I have no clue who’s training this new generation of marketers but its all wrong. LinkedIn isn’t the place to scour the site just to spam folks, some of you will take this blog to heart and some of you will have to learn the hard way, unfortunately.

In closing, your stay here in LinkedIn can be rewarding and fun if you allow it to be, I strongly suggest you stop by YouTube to learn the basics of LinkedIn etiquette or simply join a few beginner groups to learn the ropes.

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