Knoxville College: The Rebirth

The Knoxville College Alumni Association welcomes alumni and friends of KC!  Our purpose is to:

Preserve and protect the principles, ideals, legacy and history, and the mission of Knoxville College;

Foster a friendly spirit and to strengthen the mutual appreciation and respect for Knoxville College graduates and students, and other persons interested in the welfare of the College, generally, and to continue the College's educational mission and purpose of providing higher education for African Americans in the United States:

Preserve, through love and reverence, our beloved Alma Mater, Knoxville College;

Develop and implement plans and strategies for aiding and financially supporting the academic, cultural, and social programs of Knoxville College, including the maintenance and enhancement of the physical plant; and

Undertake any actions deemed necessary, suitable and proper to achieve these purposes.

We are excited about what is on the horizon for KC, in retooling and re-establishing our alma mater. We look forward to serving alumni - old and new - in this new world beyond the walls and are expectant in embracing those who will join the alumni ranks through our new educational model.

Join us - connect with an existing chapter or take the lead and establish (or re-establish) one in your area. For more information, access info on chapters here. Become a donor, participate in one of our national funding initiatives, or host a fundraiser. Become a visible voice and presence and help KC to once again fulfill its mission of education, service and helping future students realize their dreams.

We are preparing to ignite a new light!


Regular - graduates of Knoxville College and Morristown College, who are financial or hold a Life Membership in the

Association.Associate - persons who attended Knoxville College or Morristown College for at least one academic semester and are currently financial; spouses, partners or friends of Knoxville College alumni; those who agree to support the Association's purposes.Life - a Regular or Associate member may purchase a Life membership payable in installments over a one-year period from the date of initial payment of one-third of total assessed amount.Honorary - selected on the basis of exceptional service to Knoxville College and outstanding national or community service.

  1. Dues:National Membership - $50.00 annually; effective January 1 - December 31 of the applicable year.

  2. Life Membership - $700.00 payable as a single payment or installments over a one-year period. 

To access a Dues form, please click here (will open in Word) and return, based on your payment option.

Membership:Access and complete the Member Profile form (opens in Word) and return to KCNAA 1st VP, Jessica Wilson @

  1. "Stronger Together to Reignite the Light" Did you know? The Bulldog was originally developed and bred for a different purpose. Over time, its original purpose became mired in controversy and was eventually phased out. While many thought the breed would disappear, it was instead re-engineered and the transformation resulted in the Bulldog's rebirth to an animal better suited to a new purpose. The Bulldog's stamina, strength and perseverance contributed to its survival, even as it was re-shaped.Knoxville College is transforming. Through the support of its alumni and friends, the College's mission - providing an education for students of potential - will remain, even as it is re-shaped to a new model of delivery and purpose.​This is US​Our Past - A strong history of dedicated faculty, eager students, and responsive alumni.Our Present - Re-connecting, re-branding and rebuilding our alumni network.Our Future - New design, new opportunities, and new directions position us to explore new ways to bridge the old with the new.Financial support from alumni like you is an opportunity to  help make a difference. We realize that giving back to Knoxville College is a choice. You don’t have to do it; the fact that you choose to do it means a lot. How Can You Give? ​ 1. On-line - Now, you can make your donation quickly and easily! Click on the donate button, enter the amount & your payment details, and you're done! ​ 2. Write a check - Mail your check to KCNAA, PO Box 52486, Knoxville, TN 37950. Indicate whether funds are for Knoxville College or KCNAA. Funds received and designated for KC will be recorded and forwarded to the College.

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