LinkedIn For 2020 And Beyond

LinkedIn has blown up as one of the most powerful business social media sites in the world with just over 600 million and growing, they’re gaining on Facebook fast and it seems like LinkedIn was a great investment for Microsoft.

LinkedIn is the go-to place for quality information, employment, B2B marketing and connecting to quality leads in your niche. LinkedIn is where all the key business decision-makers hang out.

It’s a place where you can find and engage with quality potential clients or customers. It’s the perfect place to learn how to build important quality business relationships.

It’s easy to go to LinkedIn and find the decision-makers without sifting through a ton of misleading garbage only to be led to a dead end. Once you take the time to learn and understand LinkedIn it’s a valuable tool you can put in your marketing arsenal.

If you’re looking for targeted leads, decision-makers, no-nonsense information LinkedIn is the place to be, here lately I almost forget all about Facebook, Facebook has it’s a place however Facebook is playtime as far as business goes compared to LinkedIn.

I’m finally getting a handle on how to optimize my profile, your profile is the foundation of everything else on LinkedIn. Once you figure out how to word your profile you’re halfway home.

While LinkedIn has a free and paid version I strongly suggest you get acclimated with the free version before you jump in the deep end of LinkedIn by paying for the premium version too so

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