Pay To Play Social Media Marketing For 2020

Has it hit you like a ton of bricks yet? Has the hard truth slapped the taste out of your mouth yet? Has the bitter truth kicked you so hard in the butt yet that you’ve gone airborne? Well, kids its been here for a while however only now has it risen it’s ugly head to its highest point. What in the world am I talking about you ask?

I’m talking about the Elephant in the room, I’m talking about what these Guru’s won’t say out loud anyway, I’m talking about how the game of online marketing has changed forever, I’m talking about PAY TO PLAY marketing.

Yes, it’s true, no more organic marketing no matter how much of an SEO expert you are, the difference in the SEO experts and the US is that they can afford software and programmers that the rest of us can only dream of.

How will the ordinary marketer be able to cope with this onslaught of pay per view marketing you ask? It’s simple, we’ll ALL have to put a marketing budget in our marketing budgets from now on, we’ll have to have a marketing platform that coincides with today’s pay per view game.

Don’t get me wrong, the content will always be king and the Google Spiders will still reward us for minty fresh content and bump and index our fresh content however you’ll still have to set aside an affordable budget for a decent marketing funnel platform that in tune with what’s going on now in 2020 and beyond.

This is the reason I’ve been experimenting with artificial intelligence marketing for the last 3 years, this is the reason I feel blessed that I found Royaltie Marketing. I’m not writing this blog to get you to join me, however, the way things are looking you’d better join some company that has a clue.

I no longer have to be concerned about advertising with Google Ads because Royaltie has a relationship with Google, I no longer have to worry about learning curves or paying for different things I know I need like, email marketing, auto-responders, CMS marketing, landing/capture pages, laser-targeted location-based marketing, artificial intelligence marketing, and the list goes on and on.

If you’re on a limited marketing budget like most of us, feel free to check out my short video and click on my link and don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

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