Sen. Alexander responds after President Trump calls out TVA

Senator Lamar Alexander released a statement condemning remarks made by President Trump about the Tennessee Valley Authority CEO during a daily press briefing on COVID-19.

An attorney is asking the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to review the Tennessee Valley Authority’s new whistleblowing program before it’s implemented./ Source: WVLT

A reporter said, "Members of your administration have pointed out that the top-paid federal employee ... it's the head of the Tennessee Valley Authority and he made $8 million last year."

President Trump interrupted, saying, "It is ridiculous, I agree. It's ridiculous."

Senator Alexander later released a statement defending TVA:

“Attacking TVA doesn’t do one thing to solve the pandemic and has no place in federal COVID-19 response legislation. TVA does not receive one dollar in federal taxpayer subsidies or federal appropriations. To help families pay their electric bills and keep their power on during this crisis, TVA has made $1 billion in credit available to help 154 local electric utilities in seven states. White House staff is unfortunately spreading inaccurate information."

TVA came under scrutiny in 2019 after a report released by the Inspector General alleged that the organization overspent on travel.

The report stated that the former CEO took five first class flights with costs totaling $31,277 to Tokyo, Stockholm, Paris and London.

TVA's new CEO, Jeff Lyash, who started in April 2019, said the utility was working to clarify policies and acknowledged that the report "shows that we need to be more rigorous and disciplined."

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