Why LinkedIn Is Different

For years I overlooked LinkedIn and spent more time with the other social networks until here recently last year. I had some time to spare and spent a few hours on LinkedIn and haven’t been the same since. Below are a few tips and tricks I picked up from the LinkedIn pros:

Your LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile is deadly serious, not like other social media sites where you can be lax on, your LinkedIn profile has to be and look professional here because once you look around at other tight professionally prepared profiles it almost forces you to step up your game or look tired.

Spamming On LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the last place you want to spam at, once you look around and see that it’s not that kind of party, you make the necessary adjustments or be ready to get tuned out wondering why you get zero responses.

Joining Groups: LinkedIn’s algorithm is set up to reward you when you get involved with the site, LinkedIn is not a retirement home where you come to look and chill, you must get involved or the algorithm will let you know.

The Heavy Hitters: LinkedIn is where all the heavy hitters hang out and they will interact with you if you interact with them, this is where the pros hang out and conversate, all their latest work is here.

Connecting With People: It’s encouraged to interact with people and groups in your niche here, and it’s alright to create your own groups. LinkedIn also has FREE training on certain subjects, trust me when I say that it’s well worth the time to stay up to date on the latest in your field.

LinkedIn Employment: LinkedIn is also where the top industry recruiters hang out, one of the reason’s the emphasis is put on creating a professional up to date profile because it can be used as a resume’ as well.

In closing, you can have a great time here in LinkedIn just exploring as I did, I had no clue all this stuff was in here. I still explore it on a daily basis. Have fun.

Feel free to stop by my profile to take a look around, It’ll always be a work in progress here.

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