Woman Gets Choked Out On A Plane For Calling Black Flight Attendant The ‘N’ Word

PUBLISHED: MAR 18, 2020 10:14 AM

A physical altercation on a recent flight was the result of a white woman allegedly calling a black flight attendant the “n” word.In a video, which has more than 3 million views on Twitter, a black female passenger can be heard saying, “I thought you were cool and you’re going to sit here and call him a f—–g n—-r while you’re sitting next to an African American Woman?”The white female passenger can be heard telling the woman next to her to hit her and reiterating that her “cousin is black.” She then called the female passenger the n-word before things escalated further, as you can see in the video below:

White woman learn today not to call Black people the N-Word You have lost your motherf—–g mind,” the black woman tells the passenger.A flight attendant can be seen in the video attempting to diffuse the altercation but the white woman had a few more words, calling the black female passenger a “stupid c-nt” before breaking down in tears.Social Media Responds “The white tears….girl no one feels bad for you,” one Twitter user stated.

Twitter | @xheirjordanx “I KNOWWWWW her life flashed before her eyes. She literally got choked out. #HardLessons,” another Twitter user responded.
Twitter | @spirithomegirl Others questioned why the black woman was escorted from her seat.
Twitter | @velvet_ange11
Twitter | @Jessw1996 No further updates on either passenger have been made available to the public since the video has gone viral.

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