Local author uses life lessons as an inspiration for new book


I was born to a pair of high school teens on the east side of Knoxville Tn. My father was never in the picture and for the first two years of my life it was just me and mom, with the help of her family. My stepfather was in the picture, and still is. I grew up well, although not rich. My parents struggled, but gave us what they could. I was always provided for. I did well with sports and figured I would go off to college and be an athlete. Life proved to be trickier than that. I was never a great student, and I missed graduation by half a credit. I went back to night school and finished. But by then I had taken to running the streets and ultimately ended up in jail. By this time my real dad was in the picture, I met him when I was 18. He got me out of trouble, being that he had pull from being a state trooper. Deossie Dingus is his name. Foolishness still prevailed though, and I caught another charge that landed me in prison for 13.5 years. During my stay, reading was my outlet, and with reading came the itch to become a writer myself. I had found myself, and what I wanted to do. But it was no easy task to get help from outside of the gate to make it happen. I wrote five books, by hand, and once the lack of help weighed too heavily on me, I gave up and threw my work away. But one day I sat down and looked at my bible and something in me…. God told me to write a story that didn't require outside help. I could polish it once I got home. That was in 2009. I had just read a book called “The Secret” about positive energy and drawing good things to you. I can say that book actually changed my life and the way I view things. We are the power. GOD IS IN US! I used that to come up with “The Devil's Deceit”, my first novel. I researched the bible day and night, picked brains of people who knew more than me. It all came together flawlessly, so much so, that I had to omit much of the novel. It was more information than I could use! Abundantly given to me from the creator.

So I ran with what I had, because it was all I had, other than Anne, my adoptive grandmother. She was my best friend and supporter. She was great. Finally, I made it home. And here we are. I worked in a fancy food warehouse to start and began to use the experiences around me to polish the book. Things began to change in the story, for the better. God has provided a way for me, and I had a hedge around me the whole time I was away, and even since coming home. I have had a severe wreck that I didn't go to jail for and walked away with only minor injuries. I have a purpose, and He won't let me fail in the attempt to get the word out about how deceitful the devil is. This book has a place in this world.

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